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Techno-consult offers an extremely comprehensive product portfolio covering any gaming related need for land based operation. The combination of the individual modules is the key to usability and ROI for your casino.

  • Slot & Table Monitoring are ideal means to keep track on machine/table events, cash transactions and equipment performance. The accompanying reporting is fundamental to gaming floor management of any size, even group-wise.
  • Card based Cashless is the ideal tool to reduce operational expenses and to offer accelerated gaming experience to players. For the guests participating in the player’s club is even more exiting due to points collection, different privilege levels and the possibility for bonusing. Combined with a localized marketing strategy this is the ultimate differentiation factor for your gaming venue.
  • Ticket based Cashless allows for an easy entry level cashless solution for your gaming venue where game acceleration and operational savings are key factors.
  • Jackpots, fully system integrated for comfortable configuration are used for both low-value, high-hit frequency mystery Jackpots to stimulate Player activity as well as for live changing win experiences on progressive Jackpots and anything in between.
  • ARC (Advanced Roulette Control), tailored for Roulette tables, displaying winning numbers and advertisements to keep players informed, comes with a wealth of reports on wheel statistics.

…just to name a few of our market proven solutions.

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